Friday, May 22, 2009

The amazing Life of Betty Brock

My good friend Betty Brock lost her battle with breast cancer on Mon. May 18th at about 10:45 am. It was said by her stepson that she made it just in time to run Lunch for The Lord! There were so many wonderful things about Betty I'm going to tell you some of them:

1. She was married to Gary G. Brock for 21 years.

2. Between the two of them they had 6 Children & spouses,and 14 Grandchildren and she loved them all!

3. She was married before to Roy McBryar, Jr.

4. He died of breast cancer more than 25 years ago.

5. She and Gary owned Brocks Restaurant and she was hostess to the city of Trenton. She knew how to run the lunch crowd.

6. She was dedicated to keeping her diabetes under control through diet and exercise. AND SHE DID!!!!

7. She Loved God & Jesus and was a member of the Trenton church of Christ.

8. She helped many people without there knowledge.

9. She often gave money to Don to help him on mission trips to the Philippines.

10. She loved Special Sisters.

11. She loved to give gifts!

12. She loved Betty Boop.

13. She loved flowers, both fresh & silk.

14. She loved sending cards and receiving them.

15. She absolutely loved to tease me about watering silk flowers.

16. She loved jewelry!

17. She had a sparkling sense of humor.

18. She loved Ben her dog and spoiled him rotten!

19. She spelled words in front of him. like b-a-t-h, and t-r-e-a-t. Sooooo funny!

20. She was my friend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Laurie ~ Montgomery's Telacomunicator of the Year

Laura Renee' Walker is my first child. She was my constant companion and best friend for the 1st 3 & 1/2 years of her life. I thought she'd never talk so I probably talked her ears off. Then I thought she'd never stop. She'd ask me the hardest questions You know, where does God live, and who was Gods' mommy? Every part of her jiggled when she ran when she was little. It was so cute but to this day she hates for anyone to tease her about it. As she grew older she was always thin but she always wanted to diet and exercise. She thought she was fat but she wasn't. Shes always loved giving gifts. When I would tell her we didn't have the money for whatever she would tell me that's OK, just write a check! And oh the boyfriends! They have always known what she has never realized That she is beautiful both inside and out.And so very talented! Her love of children both here and in the mission field is amazing. She has more children friends than any adult who doesn't work with children as a profession. They love her so much! Through her 28 years of life we've had our issues. But through it all she has grown and matured into the wonderful Christian Woman That we prayed for. It doesn't surprised me in the least that she is outstanding in her jobs and life. Others are just now recognising what Don & I have known all along. We are so proud of Her! She has been a blessing in our lives!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I Love about Don

Things I Love About Don
1. His love of God, Christ, Holy Spirit, & The Church
2 His love of The Bible
3. His love for the Girls and what a Great father he has been to them!
4 How He has stuck with me through the worse and poorer ( for better or worse, for richer or poorer)
5. His love of Children
6. His voice and beautiful brown eyes
7.His patience & love he has for those who mistreat him
8. How He works @ the radio station so we can continue to live here in Trenton & work with The Church here. ( even tho it's not his favorite)
9. His love of Dirt!
10. His love of mission work & the Philippine people

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now

Fear. Sometimes it positively paralyses me. Do I believe God is with me ? Psalms 55 With all my heart! But are there times when I am so frightened that I can't move? yes. Have I always been this way? No. When I was young and stupid I knew no fear. That is probably true of most people. There was a couple of times when the girls were growing up when they were not where they were supposed to be that I felt this kind of fear. Of course when Daddy was diagnosed with cancer, and died ,I felt it. But since the morning I woke up not being able to find my left side it has happened more often. It's a brain thing and I'm aware of that. But that knowledge doesn't help me in the least. Don being in the Philippines has a tendency to magnify my fear as he is my security blanket. Sunday I came home from Mommas' and to do that I had to drive over a very BIG mountain. Monteagle The trip was a breeze - no problems. Monday I drive into Chattanooga. Something I do quite often. Going over Missionary Ridge the car starts acting like I have a flat tire. I was looking for a place to pull over when it goes back to going the right speed. So I keep going because I'm close to where I'm going. Get to the road the restaurant is on and it starts acting like its going to quit. You understand I'm on a very busy road in lunch time traffic. Cars are flying around me, the car quits about 25 yards from the restaurant. I panic. What am I going to do? So I start praying and trying to get it back started. It &stayed started for about 5 seconds at time. Finally inched it into the parking lot without getting hit. Thank-you Lord! And a special shout out to Bill & Margie Newby for being friends in deed and coming to my rescue. To make a long story short, We get it to the same shop our other car has been in for a week. They just finished getting it running. Great! I can take it . Just got to pay for it. Panic again! Give Him a Check to hold until Don comes home. Then go sit in Krystal for 2 hours with the computer to try to get a hold of Don to find out what to do. Unfortunately their Internet was down and couldn't reach him for 3 days. You know what? God was with me, and I lived through it. As God told Joshua after Moses died in Joshua 1:5&6 He will never leave Joshua nor Forsake Him if He stays in obedience to His Will. Do you Suppose Joshua ever felt panic. ?Probably some times. In that same chapter God tells Joshua to "be strong and of good courage" 3 times . Is being strong & courageous the lack of fear? I think not. I think its perseverance through the panic. The fact that this happened in familiar surroundings with friends close by to help ,when it could have happened the day before on a much higher mountain an hour from home is proof God is with me & answered my prayers .So yes, I'm a big girl now even tho Don is in the Philippines. God and I can handle it. God doesn't need me, But I definitely need Him!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


Mom has these two cats that bring her joy. The males name is camy, The female is punkin. Mom got punkin first and then she got camy. There was a reason for that and it wasn't reproduction! Punkin found Mom when she was out walking one day. Mom thinks a human( meaning Beth or one of her friends from The Church) somehow rigged it. She was very small and very neglected. So Mom took her home, feed her and cleaned her up and took her to the vet. I think in the beginning punkin acted like all cute little kittens, but wow! she changed. Punkin grew into a one woman cat. After awhile if anyone came in it would hiss & spit and run and hide in the closet under her clothes. Let me add punkin is marked in the face like the phantom of the opera, she is black & white. Her fir is like velvet. She is a beautiful cat. As time went on and she became more & more anti-social we affectionately began to refer to her as "THE CAT FROM NOT HEAVEN". Camy interred the scene to try to make punkin more sociable. Unfortunately that was not the case. Camy has personality oozing out of every pore of his body and he wants all the love and attention you can give him. Even as a full grown cat he plays fetch with Mom like a dog. You should see her feed them yogurt. it is hilarious! When camy first same as a kitten, punkin treated him just like the rest of us. Well He is full grown now and he's a big brown and black striped cat and guess what he remembers? I think he has proved several Bible truths. In order to have friends you must be friendly yourself.Prov.18:24a. Also you need to treat others as you want to be treated. Mt.7:12 Camy has paid her back but he also forgave her and tries to play with her. But she won't. I've thought about her personality issue and see some parallels in some Humans I know. So are you a punkin or a camy? Have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

He's gone and I miss Him. Sounds like a lyric from a country western song doesn't it? But it fits me to a t. Don and Laurie left on a mission trip for the Philippines Mon. the 23rd of March at 4:00am. A Big shout out and thanks to Charles Hill for taking us to the airport and me back home in the silver bullet. They have arrived at The Philippine Theological College where I'm told Laurie got a rock star welcome from all the children. They both were somewhat rested but Don is having a little problem with jet lag. Please keep us all in your prayers. Yes I miss Laurie also. Such a comfort to know that God is with them, in fact He's with all of us .Psalm55. Just 13 more days. So while they're gone I will be with Mom in Jackson for a while then on to Montgomery to be with the girls and Dustin and their friends. No doubt about it, I miss them, but I am having so much fun!!!!!!! Have a blessed day!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Today I fell. I wasn't planning to and I wasn't even thinking about falling. I just did. Getting out of the car I tripped over a piece of wood.I scraped my arm and back on the hand rail and landed on my behind. Now, not only does my arm hurt but my back, neck, and head hurts also. HELLO DR. CHAD!!! As I sat recovering and looking around to see if anyone saw me, it kinda made me think of sin. You know - you're busy in your life and suddenly you think something or say something or do something wrong. You were not planning it you just did it. You look around & hope no one knows you did it. But Guess what? God saw it and knows you did it. Check out Pslams 55. I sure am sorry I fell but I'm going to have to go see the chiropractor to get it fixed. Same thing with sin. You've got to be sorry you did it and then go to see " THE GREAT PHYSICIAN" to get it fixed. Hope your day isn't so painful! Have a Blessed day!